Areas of Expertise

The Firm Expertise

The firm specializes in the areas of banking, non-bank credit, insolvency, civil - commercial litigation, accompaniment in various and diverse types of commercial transactions, in corporate law and in the field of real estate and Execution.

Banking laws and non-bank credit

The firm is considered one of the leading law firms in Israel in the area of banking laws and non-bank credit. The firm represents banking corporations, institutions providing non-bank financial services, credit card companies and more. The firm provides legal services in a wide range of fields in this industry, including litigation in the banking and credit area in general, representation in collections, representation in debt arrangements, handling financing transactions, handling of liens and preparation of loan agreements, representation of corporations in order to obtain a license required for the provision of non-bank credit, as well as the provision of legal opinions and the management of negotiations.


The firm has a skilled department with decades of experience in the field of insolvency. The firm represents creditors, including banking corporations, non-bank credit companies and various commercial customers, in liquidations, creditor arrangements, freezing proceedings, receivership, bankruptcy and more. The firm has accompanied and is currently accompanying a large number of procedures in these areas, and the firm's attorneys serve as officials in various types of insolvency proceedings, including trustees, special managers, liquidators, receivers and more.


The firm represents clients in litigations in the civil-commercial area before the various instances of the Courts, arbitrations, mediation proceedings and additional judicial tribunals. As part of the firm's engagement in the litigation area, the firm offers decades of extensive experience in managing complex legal proceedings. Along the years, the firm has taken part in litigation cases which shaped case law and triggered significant legislation.


The firm represents commercial corporates and businessmen in various fields of commerce and service including in the area of industry, vehicles, electricity, construction, pharma, food, electronics, tourism, retail, production and hi-tech. Among the firm's clients are corporations of the largest in their field in the Israeli economy. The firm also represents foreign clients in diverse transactions carried out by them in Israel as well as clients from Israel in international transactions. As part of the firm's handling of its commercial clients, the firm offers diverse legal services, including in the field of Corporate Law, consultancy in Contract Law, preparation of commercial contracts, and legal accompaniment in carrying out transactions, including transactions for acquisition of companies, acquisition of business activities, shareholders agreements, transactions for acquisitions of plants, various franchise transactions, distribution transactions in various and diverse fields, transactions in the field of productions and more.

Real Estate

As part of its activity in this field, the firm provides comprehensive legal support for all types of real estate transactions. In addition, the firm has many years of experience in representing foreign clients in real estate transactions in Israel. Within this framework, the firm provides clients with a complete suite of services for the execution of real estate transactions in Israel, including, if necessary, real estate management.


The firm has a skilled department that deals with execution of foreclosure court orders. The department has extensive professional knowledge and experience, creativity and flexibility in the execution of court orders, the realization of collaterals and mortgages, and in providing various other legal services in this field. Within this framework, the firm represents some of the largest creditors in the Israeli economy. Over the years, the firm has successfully achieved liquidity of hundreds of properties in foreclosure proceedings, including the sale of real estate assets, vehicles, machinery, shares, merchandise, etc.